Parent Testimonials

"I believe Good Shepherd is the ideal Christian environment for kids. It encourages kids to learn and grow in a safe, friendly, and Godly place. I don't worry about who my kids are getting involved with, or what they're hearing from other people, because I know the families and teachers at Good Shepherd share my values.

After learning about Jesus,

I think the greatest benefit that my children enjoy is the special attention from the amazing teachers. The class sizes are small so each student gets plenty of individual attention.

This familiarity extends to the students as well. My 2nd grader knows something about everyone in the school, and has friends and role models at every grade."

-Greg Busse, GSLA Parent

"My Children receive more love and attention here. My younger boy didn't like school (he attended a different preschool than Good Shepherd) but after the wonderful teacher he had last year at Good Shepherd it completely changed his outlook on school. When there was an issue for my older child that came up, we had extra meetings and now that child is thriving. 

Being in a Christian environment was a top priority for my children. My oldest attended a public school for kindergarten and first grade, and there was just so much negativity there and they were being taught things not according to the truth of God's Word. It was so frustrating and a constant battle, so

we were extremely blessed that God led us to this school!

I love how much scripture they are learning and it amazes me how fast they learn it, because it's incorporated into the lessons. Sometimes my older children tell me things I may have missed from the Bible!"

-Sonya Cahill, GSLA Parent

Former Student Testimonials

"Graduating from Good Shepherd was such a blessing for me. This school provided me with such a solid foundation both academically and more importantly with my faith in God.

I attended a public high school after graduating from Good Shepherd and I was shocked at how much further along I was academically than most of my classmates.

The strong foundation in my faith that was my molded at Good Shepherd was of vital importance and gave me confidence in my own beliefs as I began to interact with people for the first time who believed and taught things contrary to the truth of God's Word."

-Mike Loszach, Class of 2002