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Curriculum Overview

Good Shepherd Lutheran Academy Curriculum


Grades PreK-6: Christ Light- Old and New Testament (Northwestern Publishing House)

Grades 7-8: Cycle 1: Life of Faith According to the Psalms; The Major Prophets, Cycle 2: Bible Study Skills and The Minor Prophets


Preschool: Funshine Express

Grades K-8: Saxon Math


Preschool: Funshine Express

Grades K-2: SuperKids

Grades 1-2: Pearson Phonics, Ecomony Phonics

Grades 1-3: MacMillan-McGraw Hill text

Grades 4-8: Novels and Units such as Poetry, Short Stories, Tall Tales, etc.

Grades 2-8 Comprehension: Read Theory

Grades K-2 Comprehension: Reading A-Z - RazKids

Grades 1-4: Six Minute Solution- Practice reading fluency with non-fiction texts


Workshop- Materials from various sources


Easy Grammar


Spelling Connections

Social Studies


Preschool: Funshine Express

Kindergarten: Me and My World

Grades 1-2: My Community; My School and Family

Grades 3-4: Our Community and Beyond; Regions of the US

Grades 5-6: The Ancient World; The Medieval World and Beyond

Grades 7-8: United States History; World Geography

Scholastic News: Current Events


Preschool: Funshine Express

Grades K-6: Science Weekly Studies; MacMillan/McGraw-Hill text

Grades 7-8: Glencoe Science

Grades PreK-8: STEAM Activities


The students are tested 3 times a year (Fall, Winter, Spring):

Grades K-8: AIMSweb testing for reading fluency and math computation and concepts and applications

Grades3-8: MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing

Physical Education

On-Campus: August-October and March-May students have class 1-2 times per week

YMCA: from November through February the students have class once a week for about an hour at the Indian Boundary YMCA


Theory/Singing/Recorders; Grades 3-8 participate in Children's Choir

Piano and band instrument lessons are available during school hours from private instructors


Arts Attack supplemented with holiday art and/or craft projects

Art Fair held in the spring


Grades K-8: Receive instruction each week

Foreign Language

Grades 5-8: DuoLingo

Extensions to Learning

Reading Dog/DG Police Department/DG Fire Department/Field Trips

Grades 1-2: Show and Tell; Look, Listen, and Learn

Academic Competitions

  • Forensics (public speaking)
  • Spelling Bee
  • Geography Bee
  • SpBAM (Spelling, Bible, Art, Math competitions)
  • Science Fair
  • Social Studies Fair